Acharya Shounak is provide online Vedic puja service providers in the world. We offer varieties of puja for success in lawsuits, Shiva, Durga and for fulfilment of specific purposes, festival pujas, planetary remedial pujas and more. Our pujas are conducted strictly as per ancient Vedic rituals in the temple by well-versed experienced priests.

How It Works:
Once you place an order for the puja or hawan, our pandit ji will call you to take your details and set up the muharat. On the day of puja, you will again receive a call for sankalp and at the time of havan we will again call you.

Online Pujas Available

Rudra Abhishek Puja (रुद्राभिषेक) : Lord Shiva worshiped through Rudrabhishek. People do Rudrabhishek for the Goodness, Happiness and Well being. It helps to remove hurdles in day to day life.

Namak Chamak se Rudra Abhishek (नमक चमक से रुद्राभिषेक) : It is done to fulfill one’s desire.

Durga Saptshati path (दुर्गा सप्तशती) : If someone has Dosh in his/her Kundali, can do this puja. It is known as Dasha Dosh Nivaran. Any kind of dosh removed through this puja.

Santan Gopal Pooja 125000 Mantro ka Jaap (संतान गोपाल पूजा) : One who has problem with having child, can do Santan Gopal Puja to have child.

Mahamritunjay Jaap 125000 Mantro ka Jaap (महामृत्युंजय जाप) : Mahamrityunjay Jaap is for long life purpose. One who has health issues or accident issues in one’s horoscope, should do this puja.

Sundar var prapti ki Puja (सुंदर वर प्राप्ति की पूजा) : Unmarried girls who wants to marry with handsome guy, should do Sundar Var Prapti Puja.

Kal sarp dosh Puja (काल सर्प दोष) : If someone has hurdles in every aspect of life, should do this Puja. Hurdles can be removed.

Navgrah Shanti puja (नवग्रह शांति की पूजा) : Navgrah Shanti Puja gives strength to the planets. One who has weak planet should do Navgrah Shanti Puja.

Shrisukt ke 100 path (श्री सूक्त पाठ) : One whose wealth position is not good or wants prosprity and stability, should do Shrisukt path.

Mangala gouri pooja (मंगल गौरी पूजा) : A girl who wants husband of her own choice, should do Mangala Gauri puja.

Satynarayan Puja (सत्यनारायण पूजा) : Satyanarayan Puja is for the goodness, happiness, prosperity of whole family. One should do Satyanarayan puja once in 6 months.

Mangal dosh nivaran (मंगल दोष निवारण पूजा) : One who has Mangalic Dosh in one’s horoscope, should do Mangal Dosh Nivaran before his/her marriage.

Guruchandal dosh nivarn (गुरू चांडाल दोष निवारण) : Rahu Guru Santi Puja.

Chandrgrahan dosh nivaran (चंद्र ग्रहण दोष निवारण) : When moon is with Rahu, it start creating distractions. To increase Concentration and to remove distraction, Should do the Chandragrahan Dosh Nivaran.

Suryagrahan dosh nivaran (सूर्य ग्रहण दोष निवारण) : When someone left his control in his voice. To remove his voice dosh Suryagrahan Dosh Nivaran is done.

Sidhi vinayak Puja (चंद्र ग्रहण दोष निवारण) : Lord Ganesha is worshiped through Sidhi Vinayak Puja. For any good purpose or sukh shanti, Its done.

Navdurga Puja (नव दुर्गा पूजा) : It’s for the Navratri Puja through this 9 roop of Maa Durga. It blesses with prosperity and happiness.

Katyayani Puja (कात्यायनी पूजा) : Unmarried girls do Katyayani Puja for early marriage. Or the girl who has issues with fixing marriage, should do Katyayani Puja.

Shani Saturn 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (शनि पूजा) : When Saturn is not good and need to give strength.

Shukra Venus 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (शुक्र पूजा) : When Venus is not good and need to give strength

Rahu 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (राहु पूजा) : When Rahu is not good and need to give strength.

Ketu 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (केतु पूजा) : When Ketu is not good and need to give strength.

Chandra Moon 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (चंद्र पूजा) : When Moon is not good and need to give strength.

Budha Mercury 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (बुद्ध पूजा) : When Mercury is not good and need to give strength.

Guru Jupiter 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (गुरु पूजा) : When Jupiter is not good and need to give strength.

Surya Sun 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (सूर्य पूजा) : When Sun is not good and need to give strength.

Mangal Mars 11000 Vedic Mantra Jap (मंगल पूजा) : When Mars is not good and need to give strength.

Shani Saturn Sade Sati Puja (शनि साढ़ेसाती पूजा) : Shani Sadhe Sati period is seven and half years. In this period people may suffer health and wealth loss. So, Shani Sadhe Sati Puja should do by them.

Shani Saturn Dhaiya Puja (शनि ढैया पूजा) : This puja is done for the Shani Dosh Nivaran. If someones Shani is affecting them badly, should do this puja.

Vastu Dosha Niravan (वास्तु दोष निवारण) : One who has Vastu Dosh in his home, should do Vastu Dosh Nivaran to remove dosh.

Maha Shivratri Puja (महाशिवरात्रि पूजा) : Mahashivratri Puja is for good result of a year. For annual satisfaction and happiness.

Laxmi Puja (लक्ष्मी पूजा) : For wealth and prosprity one should do Laxmi Puja. One who has wealth issue can do Laxmi Puja

Pittra Dosha Nivaran (पितृ दोष निवारण) : To satisfy ancestors. Who have pittra dosh in their horoscope, should do this puja to make their ancestors happy.

Sundar patni prapti ki Puja (सुंदर पत्नी प्राप्ति पूजा) : Unmarried men who want beautiful wife should do Sundar Patni Prapti Puja.

Bhakoot Shanti Puja (भकूट शांति पूजा) : Bhakoot dosh create misunderstanding between married couples. Bhakoot Shanti Puja is done to create harmony and love between couple

Kamdev Rati Puja ( कामदेव रती पूजा ) : This puja is done by married couple or relationship couple to share good bond and love for each other