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While analyzing the horoscope or doing the kundali vishleshan, some important facts such as the position of all the planets, degree, vision, speed, navamsa and chalit position etc. must be kept in mind and predictions should be made according to them. Looking at all these aspects, if the future will be told, then surely we can make the scientific approach of astrology meaningful.

Astrology takes man from darkness to light and acts like a bridge connecting the celestial and mercury sciences.

From detailed kundali vishleshan only,  we can know something about someone’s destiny and future. Every person is born according to his destiny and according to the accounts of this birth, the next birth takes place. This is how the life cycle goes on.

Astrology, which is based on astronomical science, proves very helpful in predicting our future. There is no doubt that astrology is also a science like astronomy, but there are some exceptions. It is more of a science of possibilities. It is not impossible to make any prediction with full accuracy, but it is very difficult. Where on the one hand the position of the planets in the horoscope is predicted on the basis of sight, dasha, transit etc., on the other hand the sixth sense of the astrologer i.e. intuition and its divine power is also very important. Some astrologers tell only by looking at the horoscope, while some tell each and every aspect of the horoscope thoroughly.

There is a lot of difference in the predictions of different astrologers because their experiences and methods are also different. If we look at the practical side of future statement, some things must be kept in mind like –

  • Desh Kaal Paristhiti
  • Chalit
  • Navansh
  • Rajyog, Dasha and Gochar Ka Samanvay
  • Shadbala
  • Neech Bhang Raj Yog
  • Vakri Grah
  • Stanbhit Grah
  • Shani Shukra Dasha Ka Vichitra Niyam
  • Drishti Sanbandh
  • Grahon Ka Paraspar Parivartan Yog (Vinimay)
  • Kal Sarp Yog
  • PanchMahapurush Yog
  • Purush Jatak Ya Stri Jatak

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